Health & Safety

Proactive Planning

Rituals & Routines

The current state of the world is one of new beginnings as we re-adapt in our careers and our social and personal lives. Kingdom Kreations desires to be synonymous with education, instructing our children on the importance of hygiene as it relates to our daily health.  Frequent hand washing is a life skill that will be reinforced consistently throughout your scholar's day!

Air Quality

In increased efforts to maintain pure air quality, Kingdom Kreations has equipped all classrooms with SMART True HEPA Air purifiers, filtering out air pollutants up to twice per hour.  To further maintain our air quality, we will replace our air filters center-wide every 30 days. 

Daily Operations

Each of our young princes and princesses will have individually labeled cubbies to store their belongings, assigned seating, eating tools, and cots/blankets for napping. It is our hope that these processes increase a sense of ownership, while also reinforcing color and letter recognition. 

Cleaning & Sanitizing

We will hold ourselves to the highest regard of sanitation standards. High traffic areas like bathrooms, light switches and door knobs are sanitized frequently; tables and chairs are sanitized after every transition; and toys are safely disinfected daily or as needed. Any and all soiled toy items will be immediately removed from the floor and replaced after disinfecting. 

Science Class