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Welcome to

Kingdom Kreations Academy

Where evolution continues.

The Garden
Preschool 4's

Class size: 10-12

This group is strengthening their fine and gross motor skills everyday. They are showing affection and concern for friends, taking turns in games, and engaging in joint activities with a common goal. Learning objectives for this group will provide opportunities to engage in sensory activities, S.T.E.M. and discussion to further develop vocabulary and follow multi-step instructions. 

This group is learning through consistent modeling and via observation of their peers. They are perfecting their writing tool form, mastering their handwriting and they are using their knowledge of phonics to begin blending sounds. 

The Village
Ages 4+ through 6
Class size: 10-15

The goal of a multi-age classroom is to build confidence in younger children as well as enhance their language and behavioral skills, alongside maximizing intellectual potential. Meanwhile, older children benefit from multi-age grouping because it allows them to ‘mentor’ younger children, which builds on their sense of leadership, responsibility, and empathy skills. Instilling leadership at an early age enhances independence and the willingness to try new things.

This group is engaging in imaginative play, cooperating with others, and developing their likes, interests, and opinions in relation to the "world" around them. This group benefits from whole group as well as independent learning, as they increasingly assert their independence. Opportunities for stimulation via S.T.R.E.A.M. (science, technology, rhythm, engineering, art, and math) will be the foundation of exploration for this group. 

Pencil and notepad
Geometric Shapes
Kids Food Truck

Our Approach

Every child blossoms according to their unique gifts and in their own season. We believe in the benefits of intentional relationships with our children in order to enhance their growth and development. Parents and teachers working together is the foundation of our success. Our approach consists of appealing to each child's learning style, consistent progress monitoring, and open communication between teachers and families.  

What Our Families Think

Love your sweet stories everyday! You bring knowledge strength and wisdom to many young minds!!! They will grow up with beautiful memories and foundation because of your investment in their lives!

Mrs. Amy, Community Supporter

Kingdom Kreations Academy
224 Ronstadt Dr. 
Martinez, GA 30907

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