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About Us

Welcome to Our Village

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Our Vision

Kingdom Kreations Academy is a private innovative private school designed to empower the lifelong "love of learning", offering specialized individual and group instruction through music and movement in the areas of language arts, math, science, social studies, and S.T.E.A.M. for children ages four through twelve years old.

Our Mission 

We are dedicated to enhancing foundations for reading fluency, critical thinking skills, and academic and personal excellence. We nurture a desire to become life-long learners and foster a sense of community and family strength, while appreciating our diverse cultural inheritance.


Welcome to Kingdom Kreations, a dream inspired by our first-born child, “sonshine” Khari Zaire! In 2016-2017, my last year as a Georgia Certified Educator in Life Science, 70% of my 7th grade class tested as reading below a 4th grade level. I arrived at two conclusions: 1.) Our children are experiencing test anxiety and need variety when accessing their progress, or 2.) Phonics and the foundations for reading fluency have not been mastered. My husband and I decided it would be best for me to take a break from the classroom so that I may be solely responsible for what research says are the most developmentally important years in a child’s life, ages 1-3 years old. As a result of our research, Kingdom Kreations Academy was founded in October of 2017 as a Family Home Childcare Center, licensed to serve up to six children, ages birth to five years old.  Kingdom Kreations started with four children, two belonging to the founders, Mr. and Mrs. Wright. Within six months’ time, Kingdom Kreations was at capacity and children were progressing in letter, shape, number, and color recognition as well as language acquisition. 

Over the course of two years, Kingdom Kreations wait list grew to over 50 families. Mrs. Wright, a certified Georgia teacher, began to brainstorm ways for Kingdom Kreations to evolve in order to serve more families while continuing to remain the primary educator for her sons, Khari and Kamran. This would be the birth of another journey, Kingdom Kreations Academy private school, "where evolution continues".  Our private school offers unique learning opportunities through exploration and observation, providing a developmentally appropriate foundation for success in any educational setting. Our journey to succeed begins with learning how to read! Thank you for considering us to partner with you in your child's continued advancement!

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